Sunday, 19 March 2017

ACRYL 1000M & 3000M

A one component acrylic based filling compound used as instant filling compound for cracks, nail holes in cement, plaster and wood. ACRYLFINE is also suitable for sealing of cracks and levelling uneven plaster and cement surfaces. This product is easy to apply and fast drying.
ACRYLFINE is a one part premix ready to use filler for interior and exterior applications. It is based on an acrylic polymeric material providing an excellent durability, adhesion and water resistance. Careful selection of the elastomers used in formulating the ACRYLFINE assures excellent resistance to atmospheric agents, ultra-violet rays and the industrial atmosphere. The high solid content of ACRYLFINE allows the creation of great thickness with a few layers of application. When cured, ACRYLFINE imparts excellent bond and flexibility to well-prepared substrates. The elasticity of the ACRYLFINE can accommodate a small degree of movement of the structure.
Excellent exterior durability
Fast hardness development
Good adhesion to most substrate
Good water resistance
Easy to towel
Smooth finish
Packaging: 5kg/ 20kg pail

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