Saturday, 24 October 2015


Sikadur®-52 MY - Low viscosity injection resins

Product Description
Sikadur®-52 MY is a two part, solvent free, low viscosity injection-liquids, based on high strength epoxy resins.

As an injection resin with good adhesion to concrete, mortar, stone, steel and wood. Sikadur®-52 MY is used to fill and seal voids and cracks in structures such as bridges and other civil engineering buildings, industrial and residential buildings, e.g. columns, beams, foundations, walls, floors and water retaining structures. It not only forms an effective barrier against water infiltration and corrosion promoting media, but it also structurally bonds the concrete sections together.

Characteristics / Advantages
-Solvent free
- Suitable for both, dry and damp conditions
- Shrinkage free hardening
- High mechanical and adhesive strengths
- Hard but not brittle
- Low viscosity
- Injectable with single component pumps

Product Data
- Part A: Transparent
- Part B: Brownish
- Part A+B mixed: Light brown

Packaging 15 kg sets

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