Friday, 23 October 2015


Single Component Water-Activated
Hydrophobic PU Grout

SealFoam PU 2000 is a hydrophobic hydroactive injection grout based on an MDI (methylene-diphenyl isocyanate) polyurethane. SealFoam PU 2000 has very fast reaction time and strong tensile strength. When SealFoam PU 2000 Fast reacts with water, it starts to foam and expand very quickly. As the grout react, it expands and stops the water leak within a very short period of time. SealFoam PU 2000 is one of most popular choice amount all the waterproofing grout.

Another major advantages in our newest SealFoam PU 2000 is the ease of application. Unlike other leading two-component grout in the market, SealFoam PU 2000 polyurethane grout is a one-component resin. No catalyst or 2nd component needed during the injection mixing.

Expansion ratio is depended on the amount of water added to the resin mixture and the moisture level in its environment. It reacts to a very dense and flexible material or to flexible foam. SealFoam PU 2000 is also approved for drinking water contact.

Packaging: 20kg tin

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