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Multi-purpose High Solid Content Cement Additive.

Resibond is a water based dispersion of SBR polymer which has been specially formulated to meet the requirements of the Building and Construction Industry. Incorporation of Resibond SBR into
cementitious mixes improves the overall performance of the final product with respect to strength,
adhesion and durability. In use the Latex is blended with cement and suitable aggregates so that a
reinforcing polymer is deposited in the micro-voids normally found in cementitious products.
By carefully varying the properties of Latex, cement, sand and water, a whole range of useful bonding slurries, adhesives and mortars are produced. Resibond SBR has a successful site history in the repair of concrete and stonework, in floor toppings and brick and tile adhesive beds.
Resibond SBR in fully cured cementitious mixes is non-toxic.

Advantages / Benefits of using Resibond SBR
Improved tensile, flexural and compressive strength.
Excellent adhesion characteristics
Improved chemical resistance
Increased resistance to water and water vapour penetration
Improved resistance to freeze / thaw
Reduced shrinkage and shrinkage cracking
Improved workability
Can be used in contact with potable water

Typical Properties
Specific Gravity : 1.02 at 20ºC
Cements : Can be used with all types of cement.

Resibond SBR is supplied in 5, 25 and 200 litres non-returnable containers.

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